The Millennials European Festival is the first festival that clearly asks: How can the Generation We lay new foundations for Europe?

100 networks of European Millennials will meet up in Siena on September 30 and October 1 to discuss how the Millennials Generation new practices and ways of life can rebuild the future of Europe.

The festival will be held in Siena as it is the town where Ambrogio Lorenzetti painted The Good Government in 1338. For the first time, this painting portrays the vision of a polis where good policies make the difference for the citizens and the community. This historic community is the starting point for a new project: Millennials Build the Future of Europe.


There are 4 ways to experience the festival

1. Build the future

2. Show

3. Contest

4. Experience


On September 30, from 10am to 6pm, 100 European Millennials networks and organizations will meet up in piazza del Mercato, under the “Tartarugone”, where they will find an Agorà set up for them. There they will discuss good practices and actions that the Millennials networks summoned in Siena are already testing in their local contexts. The objective is to map, share and reformulate a set of actions that can foster the birth of an innovative, sustainable and inclusive European environment.

They will follow three lines of action:

We Live Together: human dimension, housing, mobility, smart city and quality of life, nutrition, sustainability, hospitality, etc

We Make Together: work, start-up, innovation, creativity, networking, etc

We Learn Together: new methods of learning, peer2peer, multiculturalism, learning, new knowledge.

The aim is to attract role models and best practices, to develop common projects fostering individual experiences and to make new models and proposals for the future of Europe come to light.


The programme is filled with art, music and street art shows, testifying how the Generation We can be a fundamental resource to make a turning point between the present and the future of Europe.


The Millennials contest is open from July 15 to September 5. People from all over Europe can participate to build the imaginary of the new Europe. A people can only be created through common myths and visions. Art was an inspiration to join forces since the times of Virgil for the Ancient Rome or the times of Homer for the Ancient Greece, as well as Hollywood movies have been for the United States of America in more recent times. We want to start building a new road from Siena by asking the participation of all the European Millennials.

Writer and Street Art, Music, Digital Storytelling, Stories from Europe, Photo from Europe.


During the days of the festival, the Hosted Millennials will be able live the following experiences:

Lorenzetto Experience, Millennials Contrade, Food Experience, Francigena Way.