The invitation to join the call is addressed to young people from all over the world, from companies, national and international universities, start-ups, unions, movements, think-tank, public and private institutions.
Applications are welcome from students, experts, researchers and professionals born between 1986 and 2000, either as individuals or on behalf of groups (associations, research centers, start-ups, etc.).
There are no pre-requisites.
A maximum of 35 candidates will be selected.

Download CALL
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The application consists of:

  • filling out a simple form;
  • uploading a short video presentation (max 5 min.);
  • sending a CV/Resume (max 20 lines).

The points to be addressed in the video-application are the following:

  • Who am I? (It is not a question on CV)
  • The most interesting experience I have had.
  • What am I doing?
  • The biggest concern I have today.
  • The thing I will never renounce.
  • What can I do for Europe and what can Europe could do for Millennials.

In addition, in the video presentations, candidates are encouraged to explain their motivation to participate, their skills and experiences, and any analytical value they can contribute to the project.

Candidates should submit their application by April 20, 2016 (23.59 Central Europe Time).


Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the following:

  • skills and expertise shown by candidates;
  • overall potential to contribute to the definition of the proposal;
  • motivation shown in the expression of interest;
  • ability of promoting commitment in their own community/city/country.

The selection will be performed jointly by the proposing entities, partners and technical partners, supported by a panel of experts in policy design and community building fields.

Following the communication of the open call results, short-listed candidates will be contacted by the organizing committee to provide all necessary information and plan their stay in Siena.


Selected applicants will join an interdisciplinary group, which will work in close contact with a large network of people for the development of participatory, multidisciplinary and planning activities.

Selected applicants will become part of the Santa Chiara Lab working group, which will include:

  • Mentors, doers and social innovators, both European and international who will ensure that there is consistent growth of knowledge among the group;
  • University of Siena’s network of individual and collective associates.

The co-shaping process includes a stay of 5 days in Siena from May 13 to May 18, 2016 and it will be developed in three phases:

1 – Research, active listening and observation, with visits to Siena; meetings with various stakeholders operating in Europe (businesses, administrations, associations); meetings with advisors, citizens and professionals willing to help the project by sharing their knowledge and experience about specific areas of interest, and more in general about the Union; Millennials will focus on “the state of the art” in Europe.

It’s the mentorship part of the lab, in which experts, big personalities and members of the European Parliament are interviewed on several issues, giving the Millennials the opportunity to broaden their horizons and viewpoints.

2 – A co-planning phase, in which participants will join thematic working groups (according to the top Europe priorities), teaming up with mentors, members of the evaluation committee and the whole facilitation group.

3 – Processing and shared elaboration of a final document, which will contain a vision for the future of the next 12-36 months of the Union, including potential scenarios and feasibility assessments demonstrating their capability of responding to the needs of the community, public administration and stakeholders.

On the final day the results will be presented in front of members of the European Parliament and the residents of Siena. The Millennials will complement their proposal with outcomes such as the following: a “Road map”, an info-graphic on the subjects of the Lab that will include an analysis of the goals and an executive summary of the proposals.


Registration fee

Attendance of the Millennials Lab is free-of-charge.

Travel costs

To help cover travel expenses, a fixed fee will be given to participants, the amount of which varies depending on their place of origin. In particular:

  • € 500 for participants from Extra EU countries
  • € 300 from Europe
  • € 150 from Italy

In the event that a participant is unable to attend the Millennials Lab, no travel payment or refund may be claimed from the meeting organizers.

Accommodation costs

During their stay, the Millennials will be hosted at the Santa Chiara Lab in double rooms to share with other participants.

The accommodation is free of charge for participants. Additional nights at the Santa Chiara Lab beyond the number specified for the Lab, May 13 to 18 (check out on May 19), have to be paid by the participants.


Refreshments and lunches will usually be provided during the meeting. Other costs for lunches or dinners, not provided by the organisers, will not be reimbursed.


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